Why 30% Of Your Revenue Should Come From Email

Email Marketing Is Often One Of The Most Overlooked Opportunities For Revenue In Shopify Stores, So Just Use These 3 Approaches To Unlock It

How Much Revenue Are You Losing Right Now?

If you’re currently making $20,000 per month in sales, then $6,000 of that should be coming from email marketing (or $100,000 per month equals $30,000 from email).

This is because most people don’t buy on the first visit to your website…

And it gives a reason for existing customers (your most valuable asset) to come and purchase again.

So with a little effort, you can easily add significant revenue to your Shopify store in a very short period of time.

Why Email Still Works

Despite the average person getting well over 100 emails per day, it still outperforms other channels for engagement.

In fact, Klaviyo found an average 58.61% email open rate from over 100,000 paying customer accounts (so not even just the good email marketers).

Try getting that from social media where it trends towards shorter attention spans as well.

Plus, you own your email list compared to any social media or other channel where you can be banned without warning (or logic).

Opportunity #1 - Automated Sequences

Klaviyo also reports: “Revenue per recipient for all flows is $1.91, but significantly higher for welcome email flows ($2.54) and cart abandonment email flows ($3.58).”

So if 1,000 people go through your automated abandoned cart sequence each month, you’ve just added $3,580 to your revenue (and that’s just the average campaign) that was otherwise lost.

These are sequences that you write once and will continually earn you money every single day.

We use 8 key automated sequences and as your store grows, so does the sophistication that you can achieve through email (including segmentation and personalization).

Opportunity #2 - Manual Campaigns

If you have a great brand and products, then your customers should be happy to hear from you.

And many of those customers will buy if you send them an email campaign each week.

For instance, you can use a segmentation campaign to determine interest in a particular area and then send the people who opened a special promotion.

We use 5 other campaigns like this that work like clockwork to drive engagement and revenue.

Opportunity #3 - Promotional Campaigns

Promotions are a proven way to drive more revenue, but you need to be careful how you use them to maintain your brand reputation.

For instance, you probably joke about certain retailers that are always on sale.

So instead of just screaming “DISCOUNT!” in every email…

We have 11 different promotions we find work effectively to drive more revenue without leaving customers waiting for the next big sale to make a purchase e.g. Black Friday.

The Easiest Way To Increase Revenue

We launched a Shopify store for one partner and were making $20,361 per month from email marketing in just 6 months.

Another added $36,978 per month in just 12 weeks.

There is usually a lot of potential sitting in your Shopify store and email list…

And it doesn’t take much to unlock this extra revenue in a short period of time.

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