What About Results?

Rather Than Give You A Vague List Of Meaningless Statistics, Here's Some Of The Results We Can Reveal In Actual Revenue Terms

Overall Business Growth
  • Built a personal development business to US$2.4 million in annual revenue
  • Launched an online probiotics company to US$93k in monthly revenue in just 6 months
  • Built a training website that generates NZ$90k in annual income from 5 hours per week of work

There are many more examples, but many of them were before this revenue share model and we don't have accurate before and after revenue numbers.

Promotional Revenue

These are some shorter promotions that we created and ran for other businesses:

  • Organised and ran a week long summit that generated US$495k in revenue (and US$344k in profit)
  • Ran marketing for a live event that generated US$338k in revenue
  • Wrote sales letters generating US$40-50k per week (top performer was US$113k)
  • Invested US$272 in Facebook ads for a cosmetic product and made US$4,450 in sales during the first week
Recurring Revenue Projects

These were 3 month projects we ran to increase recurring revenue:

  • Added US$32k in recurring monthly revenue to an ecommerce clothing store
  • Added US$20k in monthly recurring revenue to an ecommerce supplement store
  • Added US$22k per month in recurring to a non-profit supporter program

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