About RevLevers

So What Makes Us Different?

We Are The Only Vegan Shopify Growth Partner In The World

My name is Craig Dewe and I’m the Founder & CEO of RevLevers.

I believe that a great business should ethically improve the life of the owner, employees and customers.

I started my business journey in 1999, launched my first ecommerce store in 2003, and have had the privilege to be involved in growing businesses in the US, UK, Spain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

My team and I have helped multiple businesses go from startup to over a million dollars in revenue, plus helped established businesses break through plateaus to reach the next level.

What’s A “Growth Partner”?

I’m going to guess you’ve been burned by an agency, coach or consultant who’s made big promises and failed to deliver.

Those business models often rely on constantly getting new clients, because everyone leaves them after 3 months when the results don’t show up.

We have many client relationships that have lasted well over a decade, because our sole focus is delivering results and forming a deeper partnership.

We act like part of your team and treat your business like it’s our own, while providing an external perspective that gives your business a competitive edge.

Why Only Vegan Shopify Stores?

We work exclusively with Shopify stores, because it allows us to get faster results for our partners.

By focusing on one ecommerce platform, we know it like the back of our hand and don’t try to be all things to all people (one reason most marketers don’t get results).

When I turned vegan in 2019, I found it hypocritical to promote products that I wouldn’t buy myself due to animal cruelty.

So now I’ve combined our Shopify expertise with my passion for promoting ethical products that are good for people, animals, and the planet.

Want To Know More?

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