The Most Valuable Skill In Ecommerce That No One Talks About

Discover The Underlying Lever That Drives The Majority Of Your Sales With A 648% Increase In Revenue

How Much Revenue Did You Lose Today?

It’s easy to think that ecommerce revenue is driven by technology and software.

So business owners look for the latest Shopify theme, app, or coding hack that will increase sales.

And while many will drive sales, it’s easy to miss the underlying Revenue Lever that drives the majority of your results.

Which means your store is leaking sales from every step in the process from traffic generation to your marketing emails.

Small Improvements Lead To Big Results

Copywriting is the Revenue Lever I’m talking about.

The words you use will directly affect how much traffic you generate (from ads, SEO or social media), your product conversion rate, and how much money your emails generate.

In opportunity #2, you can see what a tiny 1% improvement will do for your sales.

Copywriting Opportunity #1 - Traffic Generation

If your conversion rate stays the same, more traffic equals more sales.

And a basic formula on any ad or content is:

  1. Headline to get attention
  2. Pre-sell to warm up the visitor
  3. Call to action to drive the click

All 3 of these are driven by your copywriting, whether you’re using text only, images with text, or a video script.

Also note that those 3 steps are in order of importance.

If you don’t get attention, then no one will consume the rest of your content.

And if you don’t pre-sell, then you might get a higher click-through rate but lower sales.

See the example below where we spent $300 on each ad:

Note that the ad with the slightly lower click-through rate actually drove 7 more sales and an extra $3,124.76 in sales because visitors were more predisposed to buy.

Just remember that copywriting appears in all aspects of traffic generation from your ad text on Google or social media, video scripts, blog posts, and everywhere in between.

Constantly testing your ads is a powerful leverage point to increase your revenue.

Copywriting Opportunity #2 - Store Conversion Rate

While most people focus on traffic to grow an ecommerce store, the real leverage is in the product descriptions and copywriting of the store.

It takes a lot of effort to double your visitors from 100,000 to 200,000.

But you can also double your revenue by increasing your conversion rate from 1% to 2% (also a 100% increase).

Here’s an example of a small store that we increased revenue for in a few short months, just by improving the copywriting and keeping ad spend at $600.

That’s a 185% increase in monthly revenue over 3 months.

Plus, when your store has a higher conversion rate it becomes more cost effective to send more traffic to it as well because you capture more of the revenue.

Copywriting Opportunity #3 - Emails

Speaking of capturing more revenue, your email marketing follow up is a key way to do this.

In fact, I’ve found that if you’re not making at least 30% of your revenue from email marketing, you’re losing money.

Our normal benchmark is 15% from automated follow up sequences and 15% from emails manually sent each week.

Automated follow ups can include:

  1. Welcome campaign to introduce the brand
  2. Pre-purchase campaign for new subscribers who haven’t purchased
  3. Cart Abandonment campaign that uses multiple different approaches
  4. Post-purchase campaign for upsells
  5. Repurchase campaign for consumable products
  6. Win back campaign for those that haven’t purchased in X days

When combined with at least one topical campaign each week, revenue has to increase.

We used the approach above to add $20,361 in recurring monthly revenue (32% of total sales) in just 3 months.

By split testing subject lines and email body copy, you can easily squeeze out even more revenue over time as you turn your ecommerce store into a revenue generating machine.

Would You Like A 643% Increase In Revenue?

Let’s see what happens when combining these 3 Revenue Levers together:

Plus we can see this store should be earning approximately $6,400 (30%) through email and so we still have room to optimize there while adding more visitors.

As you can see, by focusing your copywriting efforts on the right areas there’s a ton of potential for growth.

And you can make your copywriting easier by using proven templates that are designed specially for Shopify stores.

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