Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Business

There Are Hidden Profits In The 3 Main Areas Of Your Business And We Can Help You Uncover Them With A Free Call

It's All Mostly About Profits...

Let’s talk about how some small tweaks can quickly increase the profits in your business.

Unfortunately, many business owners only focus on their net profit when they’re planning or get their financial statements back and it’s too late to change them.

Yet the amount of net profit determines the value of your business when you decide to sell it, not to mention how much you actually put in your pocket.

The 3 Main Areas That Affect Profits

You can break a business into 3 main parts and improve each one to increase profits:

1. Sales & Marketing
2. Operations
3. Finances

If one of these functions isn’t optimised, then the business will always struggle to be successful.

#1 - Sales & Marketing

This is the most obvious source of profits and where everyone focuses.

First, you need to design your Client Acquisition System that attracts leads and converts them into clients.

Second, you need to measure every step of the process and compare your results with benchmarks.

By identifying the weaknesses, you can quickly optimise your sales and marketing to attract more clients and leverage what you’re already doing.

#2 - Operations

Another big area of opportunity is optimising the way you deliver your product or service.

First, you need to make sure you productise your service so it can be delivered using systems and processes.

Second, you need to ensure your product delivery is unique so you don’t look like all your competitors and fall victim to price comparison.

This means you can create profitable variation by increasing prices, reducing costs, or doing both at the same time.

#3 - Finances

To make more profit, it’s obviously important to look at the finances of your business.

First, you can reduce or eliminate fixed costs (because they tend to creep up every year without careful vigilance)… which immediately turns into increased profit on the bottom line.

Second, you can improve your business model so it’s always cash flow positive by productising your service to bill upfront (not on the 20th following) or creating a subscription service etc.

Some simple changes move you from stressing about your bank account every month to having the free cash flow available to get more clients and team members as your scale.

Want Specific Help?

Since most businesses struggle with getting more clients, we offer a free call to show how a Client Acquisition System would work for your business.

You can also download our Client Acquisition System guide which will give you 83 ways to improve your sales and marketing.

If you’d like our help implementing what you learn, then we can become your Growth Partner using a revenue share model (so your success is our success).