Present The Solution

How To Describe Your Product As The Answer To Their Problem

Your Audience Should Want Your Product

You’ve grabbed people's attention with your headline. 

You’ve identified, aggravated, or built their problems/desires into your product description.

It’s now time to present the solution to getting what you’ve promised.

Product Images Aren’t Enough

If you’ve ticked through the prior steps of the Product Descriptions Revenue Levers, you’re on your way to building a great product page that will convert your visitors into paying customers.

However, If your product page doesn't convey how your product can make a positive impact…

Trust in your brand may be diminished.

Without presenting your product as the solution, you’ve just built up your potential customer for nothing. And conversion rates can drop dramatically because of this reason.

Opportunity #1 - Creating A Solution For Your Customers' Problems 

Since this is on your product page, it should be pretty obvious that the solution is to buy your product.

However you must connect the purchase with giving them the solution they desire.

It’s as simple as stating what your product will do for them.

For Example

Problem: “Embarrassed by your yellow teeth?”

Aggravate The Problem: “I used to feel mortified, like everyone was staring at my teeth and judging me for how dirty they looked.”

Solution: “Snow White Teeth Whitener will give you a natural, whiter smile in just 5 minutes.”

Opportunity #2 - Creating A Solution For Your Customers' Desires

And it's just the same if you’re building desire.

For Example

Desire: “This is the perfect, one of a kind summer dress.”

Build The Desire: “Imagine walking into any special event and turning heads because of the aura you create.”

Solution: “The Wildflower 100% cotton dress will help you stand out for all the right reasons with its light and flowing look.”

In this case we attached a reason for the benefit it provides and added a feature in there as well.

Opportunity #3 - Communicating Your Solution Through Visuals

You can take it a step further with visual aids, such as images, videos, graphs, charts, or icons.

This will help you capture your customers' attention, illustrate your solution (in action), and reinforce your message.

For Example

User Generated Content (UGC): Satisfied customers featuring your product in use add authenticity, but also allows potential customers to see real-world applications.

Before & After Comparisons:  Create visual comparisons showcasing the transformation your product brings. Whether it's a physical change, improved efficiency, or enhanced experiences.

Infographics and Charts: Presenting key information in a visually digestible format can break down complex details.

3 Components

The 3 components all add to how you present your solution.

The most important thing is communicating it effectively because it impacts the success of your product page.

Be critical about how you want to showcase your product as the solution, as it also impacts your conversion rates.

And you can increase your sales by optimizing one product at a time.

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