Writing Persuasive Products Descriptions
Increase Your Conversion Rate Without Being An Expert Copywriter

Your Store Is A Leaky Bucket Right Now

Unfortunately, most product descriptions suck.

They don’t educate the visitor on why they should choose your product over someone else's.

You invest all this time and money to offer a product that is clearly superior to your competitors…

But don’t invest the small amount of extra time to explain (and prove) why it’s better.

So Your Conversion Rate Suffers

Your conversion rate is probably the most important leverage point on an ecommerce store.

If you have a 1% conversion rate with $100,000 in revenue.

Getting it to 2% will double your sales and generate $200,000 in revenue.

Just by taking the time to write persuasive product descriptions that will sell for years to come.

Your 24/7 Salesperson

Imagine a salesperson who worked in a physical store.

Every time a customer came in they just held up the product and said some random technical details about it.

That’s what most ecommerce stores rely on to sell products, a product image and a list of features.

But it’s not how people buy products… they want expert help.

And when you get your product descriptions correct, they sit on your website forever, acting as a salesperson that works tirelessly 24/7 to bring in more sales for you.

Let’s Look Deeper At The Math

Say your store gets results like these each month:

100,000 visitors x 1% conversion rate x $100 cart value = $100,000 in revenue.

In order to double your sales, you would need:

  • Another 100,000 visitors (and you know how hard it was to get the first 100,000)
  • Or to increase your cart value to $200 using more sophisticated presell or upsell techniques

Compare that to getting a 2% conversion rate by creating more compelling product descriptions and you can see which one is the easiest.

Think About Your Customer Lifetime Value As Well

From those 100,000 visitors at 1%, you get 1,000 customers.

But with a 2% conversion rate with the same traffic, you get 2,000 customers.

Now imagine each customer comes back and buys from you just once a year for 5 years.

At $100 cart value each time, that’s the difference between 1,000 customers x $100 x 5 years = $500,000… or with 2,000 customers you get $1,000,000 in revenue.

Can you see why investing in your product descriptions is worth the effort by now?

But It’s Not Your Fault

Most ecommerce “experts” like to focus on having a pretty store, nice product imagery or fancy apps.

Now these all have their place, but at the foundation you still need to sell the product.

Don’t believe the myth that your “product is so good it’ll sell itself”.

If that was true, then retail stores would get rid of all their sales assistants and just become like a supermarket with shelves stacked high with products…

And even supermarkets rely on product descriptions on their packaging combined with big marketing budgets to sell their products without assistance.

Persuasive Product Description Checklist

So now you know how important they are, how do you write a persuasive product description?

Here's a 12 point checklist to guide you:

  1. 1
    Product Name
  2. 2
    Attention Grabbing Headline
  3. 3
    Identify The Problem Or Desire
  4. 4
    Aggravate The Problem / Build The Desire
  5. 5
    Present The Solution
  6. 6
    Establish Credibility
  7. 7
    Features & Benefits
  8. 8
  9. 9
    Price Justification
  10. 10
  11. 11
    Urgency Or Scarcity
  12. 12
    Call To Action

You can get most of this information across in one sentence (even combining multiple steps at times), but you need to hit everything for maximum conversion.

Let’s break down each one a little more so you can understand what each step is doing.

Breaking Down Each Step

Product Name
This is the first thing the visitor notices, so it better be compelling enough for them to click on it.

Attention Grabbing Headline
Get the visitor's attention with one sentence on why they should buy this product and also bother to read the rest of your description.

Identify The Problem Or Desire
Everyone is buying your product to either solve a problem or fulfill a desire, understand which one yours is and state it better than the visitor can themselves.

Aggravate The Problem / Build The Desire
Some problems and desires are obvious, while others need more description so the visitor can really feel the pain or get excited about the desire they are fulfilling.

Present The Solution
Why is your product the unique solution they have been looking for?

Establish Credibility
Why should the visitor trust your company over all the other ecommerce stores that are just a click away.

Features & Benefits
What are the features of your product that create your unique solution? More importantly, translate those features into benefits that your new customer will experience in their life.

You’ve just made some bold claims about the benefits your product offers, now you need to back them up with proof or most people won’t believe you.

Price Justification
If your product is more expensive than competitors, then you’ll probably have to justify why it has a premium price.

The visitor is almost ready to try your product, now you have to remove as much risk as possible by offering an ironclad guarantee.

Urgency Or Scarcity
This is the final push to get them to take action and not procrastinate until later. You want to push them past the common response of “I’ll think about it” that kills sales.

Call To Action
Last but not least, tell them exactly what to do to purchase their product.

Think About This Carefully

If you look at the structure above, you’ll see how a sales assistant in a retail store might take a potential customer through exactly the same process.

At least in a good store with a high sales conversion rate.

Now imagine increasing your conversion rate and hence your revenue, just by taking the time to do this exercise once.

Then you get to receive the benefits of this extra revenue every day from your ecommerce store.

How Do I Know This Will Work?

Hi, my name is Craig Dewe and I started my first ecommerce business back in 2003.

A few years after that, I started helping business owners to increase their online sales and have been doing it ever since.

My team and I currently run 6 Shopify stores and so I'm in the trenches every day, working to increase revenue and profits.

And whenever I start work on a new Shopify store, I start by working on the product descriptions for the most popular products.

Product Descriptions Are Powerful Because They…
  • Have the most influence over your store conversion rate (and so increasing your revenue without changing anything else)
  • Are the final touchpoint that either gets someone excited to buy your product (or allows them to leave empty handed)
  • Can be written once and then drive sales every single day without any extra work (the ultimate set and forget solution)

There’s nothing more important in any business than actually selling the product…

And that’s the sole focus of your product descriptions on an ecommerce site.

Here’s Some Examples Of Results

After updating the product descriptions across the Shopify store…

  • An apparel company went from X to X (an % increase in sales)
  • A footwear company went from
  • A bag company went from

And that's before any changes to the store design (which they also badly needed)...

It's just from improving the product descriptions so visitors knew why to buy.

So when working with any store, this is normally the first leverage point I focus on because it brings such quick and easy wins.

Want To Increase Your Conversion Rate?

I’ve created a deep dive training for those that want to increase your conversion rate and revenue.

Inside the Persuasive Product Descriptions training you’ll learn:

  • A more detailed approach to my 12 step formula that has been proven to work across all types of stores and products
  • Everything you need to know about each section of the formula to write your own compelling product descriptions that actually work
  • How to select the products to focus on first, so you get the biggest results in the least amount of time
  • Why people buy and how do decide just how much you need to write for your particular store
  • How to test your results so you can optimize your product pages over time to fully maximize the revenue they create

It’s in an easy to reference format so you can keep it side by side with you as you write (no watching long videos where you forget everything when it comes time to write).

Plus you can hand it off to your team members to complete the work for you (no high paid copywriter required).

This Training Is The Only One Like It In The World

I created the Persuasive Product Descriptions training because I couldn’t find anything like it available.

Most copywriting training is very lackluster, and the best ones only focus on sales letters which aren’t what you want to write for a regular ecommerce store.

And when I looked at all the blog posts on the subject, none of them focused on the actual copywriting… or told you how to actually write them using a formula that would work (there’s no point following examples out of context when you don’t know how or why they convert).

Since I didn’t want to rewrite all the product descriptions for all the stores I worked on, I needed a way to train my team so they could easily get up to speed and generate similar results to me in the least amount of time.

How Much Do You Invest?

You’ve already seen how taking your current conversion rate from 1% to 2% can double your sales in a short amount of time.

Because of the large results you can generate, plus the 20 years of copywriting and marketing experience I’m revealing in this training, I know this is easily worth $2,000 to even the smallest ecommerce store.

But I’ve decided to offer it for just $199 now, so it’s available to every store owner who wants to increase their revenue.

After all, I figure if more store owners use it to get results and the word spreads… it’ll open the door to more revenue share opportunities for myself as well.

Will It Work For My Type Of Products?

No matter what you sell, my 12 step formula will work for you.

I’ve spent over 20 years selling all kinds of products online, and this is my go to formula that I use for every single one I sell.

Every step plays an important role in the sales process and that’s why it’s so important to get your product descriptions right.

Plus, it’s backed by my…

12 Month “Revenue Lever” Guarantee

If you…

  • Implement the training and don’t get the results I’ve promised, or…
  • Don’t think the training will work for your products (and aren’t willing to give it a try), or…
  • It just seems like too much hard work and you never even go through it…

Then just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

It’s just my way of making sure there’s no risk to you so you can have the confidence to try this for your business.

After all, the investment isn’t going to chance my life one bit… I already know how to generate more revenue from any ecommerce business on the planet.

But I know that if you try this, it will definitely increase your revenue and take your store to the next level.

How Much Money Are You Losing Every Day?

Every day you don’t have persuasive product descriptions, you’re spending time and money to attract visitors to your store who won’t convert.

So while it’s exciting to think about how much extra revenue you’ll be making…

I would be thinking about all the extra revenue you’re losing right now.

That’s why you want to get the Persuasive Product Descriptions training right now and start plugging the leaks in your conversion rate as soon as possible.

Get Instant Access Right Now

Because this is a digital program, you can start increasing your revenue as soon as you click the button below, enter your details and get access to the training.

Depending on your traffic levels, you could be seeing results overnight or in a few days (and suddenly realize what you’ve been missing out on).

You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

So click the “Increase My Conversion Rate” button below to get started…

I look forward to hearing your results.


P.S. It’s easy to see that if you just increase your conversion rate from 1% to 2% then you’re going to double your revenue with no extra traffic or effort.

You just have to take the time to write Persuasive Product Descriptions, so you can stop letting sales slip away from your store.

For a one time price of only $199, it’s the investment that will keep giving for years to come.

Plus it’s backed by my 12 Month “Revenue Lever” Guarantee so you know that there’s no risk on your part.

Just test my proven 12 step formula with your store and I promise you’ll be amazed by the results.

So click the “Increase My Conversion Rate” button below to get started right now…

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a digital agency owner, copywriter or marketer, how do I license your training to use with my clients?
If you or your team are doing the copywriting, then there’s no license required and you can simply purchase a copy of the training for yourself or your agency. 

If you want your clients to write the product descriptions, then please get them to purchase their own copy that they can use with their store.

If you are really going to be selling the program in bulk, I’m happy to have a chat about a bulk deal based on the volume you’re using.

In all cases, please disclose you’re using the RevLevers Persuasive Product Descriptions formula (because passing off other people’s work as your own just isn’t cool).

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Our campaigns have been successful since launch, accounting for a sizeable percentage of our total revenue and I am confident that this will continue to increase."

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* Results are not guaranteed and will vary based on you and your business

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