Increase Sales & "Make Money While You Sleep"

All Joking Aside, Automated Sequences Should Generate About 15% Of Your Overall Revenue And You Get Paid On Your Efforts Forever

Leverage Your Time More Effectively

In an ideal world, you could email all your customers personally to help them solve their problems and use your products more effectively.

However, you have limited time and so you have to use the power of leverage.

We know that sending timely, personalized emails will increase your sales.

And without them you’re just leaving money on the table that will allow your competitors to inch ahead.

Creating A Better Customer Experience

As we talked about in How To Replicate A Great Physical Store Experience, you want your Shopify store to act as a helpful retail assistant for your customers.

This means telling them about why your brand and products are great, helping them select the right products for their needs, and helping customers after the initial purchase.

The advantage of automated email sequences is that you can write exactly what your ideal retail assistant would say…

And then automate it so you know they’re communicating effectively every single time.

Opportunity #1 - Brand Building

If multiple Shopify stores sell vegan protein powder, then why should I choose yours?

Sure, there might be some differences in formulation and ingredients that you need to communicate.

But the biggest reason your customers will come back to you is because they believe your brand promise and want to do business with you.

This is why you need to share (and uphold) your brand values and what you believe in with every new subscriber to your store.

Opportunity #2 - Before Purchase

If someone has joined your list because they signed up for a lead magnet, a 10% discount code, or abandoned cart, then you need to help them complete the purchase.

Those are very different ways to join your email list, so they need different automated sequences that are customized to the visitors’ experience.

Think through the buying journey that these people are going through and write automated sequences specifically for them.

Also use different angles in your approach so you’re not just coming across like an annoying salesperson saying “buy this now!” over and over again.

Opportunity #3 - After Purchase

Once a customer has purchased from you, you want to continue to deliver value.

Let the customer know about shipping expectations, any instructions they might need and ideas to get the most out of their products.

You can also follow up with an ascension sequence to offer them other useful products once they’re had a great experience with what they’ve already bought.

And don’t forget about carefully timed reorder or subscription sequences for consumable products like vegan supplements and food items.

Continue To Optimize For The Best Result

Automated email sequences are one of my favorite Revenue Levers because you can do them well once, and then watch the sales come in forever.

Plus if you use a tool like Klaviyo, you can see how much each sequence (and the specific emails within each sequence) are making you.

So you can constantly find and improve any underperforming sequences and emails.

Generally, we find 30% of your Shopify store revenue should come from email marketing and 15% of that normally comes from automated sequences (although it can be a lot more).

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