How To Ensure Your Email List Is Happy To Hear From You

Having An Email List Is A License To Print Money, But Behind Every Email Address Is An Individual Who Demands A Great Experience

Are You Sending “Too Many” Emails?

The average office worker receives 121 emails per day.

So in general, you could assume most people don’t want to receive more emails from you.

But you’re going to be losing sales if you don’t send them.

Because we know about 30% of your Shopify store revenue should come from email.

How To Get Your Emails Opened (And Enjoyed)

As Dan Kennedy says, “you want to go from annoying pest to welcome guest”.

And the way to do that is to offer value in every email you send.

Just like you probably enjoy receiving personal emails from your friends…

You want to ensure your email list is happy to hear from you.

Focus #1 - Providing Value

Having access to someone’s email inbox is a privilege, not a right.

So you must ensure you’re delivering value every time you send an email.

Think about the brands you enjoy receiving emails from and examine what they do differently.

Plus ask yourself how you can educate, entertain, and inspire your subscriber with every email.

Focus #2 - Segmentation

Remember that you don’t have to send every email to every subscriber.

You can segment your subscribers when they sign up, so you’re mostly talking to them about topics or products they’re interested in.

So if you’re selling vegan supplements, you might segment subscribers based on their goals of a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, or muscle building.

Then you can deliver relevant messages that align with their goals.

Focus #3 - Personalization

I like to define personalization as taking segmentation to the next level based on subscriber behavior.

So you are using data you’ve collected and the way they interact with your emails to deliver a more personalized experience.

That means you can speak differently to someone who hasn’t purchased yet versus a first time customer versus a loyal advocate. 

Plus, you can do things like sending a few emails for a campaign to your entire list and then only send additional emails to the people who opened or clicked them, so their behavior drives the campaign.

Treat Your Subscriber Like An Individual

In our mass marketed world, people long for more personalized and individualized experiences.

That’s why AI is so powerful in driving your Netflix or social media feed to deliver the best content for you.

Having someone’s email address gives you the ability to send an email and make money.

But remember that this comes with the responsibility of treating your subscriber like an individual and nurturing the relationship over the long term.

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