How To Craft A Powerful Guarantee To Drive Sales And Customer Loyalty

Turning Your Visitors Into Customers With A Guarantee

No matter what you offer, a guarantee is a valuable element in your product description and across your entire business.

Think about those visitors who’ve never come across your store before.

Why should they take on all the risk of doing business with you?

So when you reverse the risk it shows you have confidence in your product and will help them out if they're disappointed.

First Time Visitors

When you first bought something from a store you’ve never visited before, you can probably relate to the first time visitor:  

1. They're someone who's unsure of you as a company
2. They're nervous about placing their first order
3. And they want to know that they’re protected if anything goes wrong after they buy

In this position, they are putting their trust in a website and giving up a lot of control.

Opportunity #1 - The Guarantee 

Types of satisfaction guarantees include:

1. Money-back
2. Lifetime
3. Best price warranties

Any of the 3 will showcase your confidence in the quality of your products. And it’s taking the risk away from the customer and putting as much of it as possible on your shoulders.

You can also guarantee a specific result if your product solves a problem.

For Example

“We are proud to stand behind our product and so if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a 100% refund with no questions asked.”

A strong guarantee like this will help get customers over the line and purchase.

Opportunity #2 - Comfort Your Visitors

Show your visitors a bit of personality and talk to them like a real person, not a lawyer.

If you’re attaching a bunch of conditions to your guarantee (or return policy), then you’re counteracting the whole point of your guarantee.

You want to make people feel like buying from you is simple and easy, not that they have to jump through a bunch of hoops if your product doesn’t perform or breaks.

Engage with them in a friendly manner, addressing their concerns and needs with clarity and warmth. 

Opportunity #3 - Where To Add Your Guarantee?

The best place to add your product guarantees on a product page is typically near the point of conversion.

Here’s a 5 places to add your guarantee:

Near The Add To Cart Button

Display the guarantee close to the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button.

This ensures that customers see the assurance just as they are about to make the purchase decision, providing an extra layer of confidence.

Within The Product Description

This allows you to seamlessly integrate the assurance details with the overall information about the product, reinforcing the commitment to customer satisfaction.

As A Pop-Up Or Banner

Use a pop-up or banner to showcase the product guarantee. Trigger this display when the customer hovers over the product or clicks on the "Add to Cart" button.

This ensures the guarantee is visible without cluttering the main product page.

In A Dedicated Section

Create a dedicated section on the product page specifically for guarantees and warranties.

This could be positioned below the product description or in a separate tab.

Clearly outline the terms and conditions of your guarantee for transparency.

Next To The Price

Place the guarantee information in close proximity to the product price.

This helps customers associate the value of the product with the reassurance of a guarantee, making the price point more justifiable.

Looking After Your Customer

When you look after your customers you’re going to increase their loyalty.

Most people understand that sometimes problems happen or products break… that’s just life.

What is unusual in companies these days is a business owner who actually cares and is willing to go above and beyond to make the customer happy.

So if you focus on the opportunity for creating a happy customer, the small cost of your guarantee should fade into the background.

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