Establish Credibility

If People Don't Trust You, They're Never Going To Buy Your Solution

You Would Never Buy From A Dodgy Website 

Unfortunately there are a lot of dodgy ecommerce websites out there.

From counterfeit products to people buying things that never show up, buyers are super skeptical when they’re on a website they aren’t familiar with.

But further than that, people want to believe your product says it does.

Most Shopify stores lose a lot of sales because they lack credibility.

The 2 Reasons People Don't Buy

1. They don't want what you're selling

This means they have a lack of desire as we've talked about in the last few sections.

2. They don't trust you

Even if you appear to have the best solution in the world, they're not going to buy if they don't believe you.

Opportunity #1 - Making A Credible Claim

Not many people will buy a book about “How To Successfully Market A Product” with only 11 reviews. Not because the content in it is bad.

But the context clearly disproves the sellers claim.

(Because a "successful product" would have more than 11 reviews).

One Sentence That Establishes Your Credibility

You can establish your credibility in one sentence in your product descriptions (but understand that you will need to show the proof for it as well).

Written example:

“Flowing Fashion was started in 2015 because we couldn’t find the dresses we desired in local stores. We now serve over 5,000 customers a year from all around the world.”

Be Specific

To sound more believable, it’s good to get into the details.

The more specific your dates or data, the more likely people are to trust you.

That’s why I used a specific year of founding and a number of customers (not just thousands).

Opportunity #2 -  Questions That Help You Add Credibility

When you have a credible looking website with customer reviews and good product photography, then you probably don’t need to go overboard with the facts and figures.

But there are some other things you might want to mention so customers choose you over another ecommerce website:

- Do you have proof that your solution works?
- Are you the only supplier where they can find your products
- Are you the original or only store?
- Why are you best suited to solve their problem?
- How many people have you helped already?
- Why are you different from competitors?
- Have you won any awards or accolades?
- Do you have any famous customers or influencers you can mention?
- Is there a great testimonial you can use here?
- Do you have something unique in your history or story?
- Do you have a big vision or mission that your company believes in?
- Are there any core values you might want to share?

As you can see, this isn’t just about establishing credibility…

It's about making your business stand out from the crowd.

Opportunity #3 -  The Dan Kennedy Question

I like to use a question devised by Dan Kennedy to help articulate why a business is different:

“Why should I do business with you over all other alternatives… including doing nothing at all?”

If you have a really strong answer to this question, then it’s a lot easier to make your business stand out from the crowd of “me too” marketers.

So it’s worth putting some time into thinking about it so you can articulate it properly in a way that makes visitors sit up and take notice.

Remember, Without Credibility You Have Nothing

As a vegan, you've probably read a lot of product labels trying to figure out what you can eat.

But if you see the "Certified Vegan" label, you know you're good.

The same when eating in a restaurant with meat versus a plant-based one where you trust everything on the menu.

Credibility helps people believe your product claims.

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