Client Acquisition System

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The Biggest Opportunity In Most Businesses

If you’re like most business owners, you deliver a quality product or service at a reasonable price and have lots of happy clients.

So if someone knows what you offer, you’re likely to turn them into a client.

And you’re good at keeping your clients happy because you and your team do good work (and if you don’t have a team, you just need more sales to justify it).

That means the biggest opportunity in your business is letting more people know about what you do.

The Marketing Myth

Contrary to popular belief, marketing shouldn’t be a black hole where you pour money into it (or your marketing agency), and it never comes back.

If you put any money into your business it should give you a return on your investment, especially when it comes to marketing.

So I want you to stop marketing, and instead create a Client Acquisition System for your business.

This is where you put money in and more comes back like clockwork.

Client Financed Acquisition

This simply means that when you invest money to acquire a client, you should know with mathematical certainty that you’ll be able to pay for this from the first purchase.

It’s like going to the “client store” and saying I will pay $200 to buy that client because I know I’m going to make $1,000 from them almost immediately.

And then you factor in the Customer Lifetime Value, so you know that over the next 5 years you’ll make an additional $10,000 from that client (meaning your $200 was a very good investment).

If you knew with certainty that investing $200 would give you $1,000 right away and an additional $10,000 over the next 5 years, how many times would you do it?

Every sane business owner would say “as many times as I can!”

The 4 Step Client Acquisition System

The 4 steps are as follows:

  1. 1
    Attract Leads
  2. 2
    Convert Clients
  3. 3
    Increase Margin
  4. 4
    Optimise Frequency Of Purchase

You might have heard people talk about the first 2 steps a lot, but the real magic happens with steps 3 and 4…

Because this is where you maximise your revenue and profits so the maths works in your favour.

So let’s go through each step and give you tactics to increase each one.

Step #1 - Get More Leads

Depending on your business you have marketing qualified leads who receive your emails or communications, and sales qualified leads who you have booked meetings with or brought them into your store.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t even capture leads and so someone visits their website or store and is then gone without a trace.

The easy way to capture leads is to offer a Lead Magnet.

This is a piece of content or offer (like a discount) that visitors are compelled to sign up for (and funnily enough, you are reading one right now).

It’s the best way to deliver value in advance so clients are more likely to work with you.

Here’s A Simple Example

Let’s say we’ve started a residential cleaning company together where our team goes out to homes and cleans them for the owners.

Now instead of just running an ad that says “we clean houses, book now!”, we decided to create a Lead Magnet called the House Cleaning Horror Stories.

Then we write a simple ad saying:

“Are you tired of coming home to a dirty house? If you’re a working professional, then you work hard all week and it’s not actually worth your time to clean your house on the weekends when you could be doing what you love.

However, having strangers in your house can be distressing and we’ve heard so many horror stories you wouldn’t believe. 

If you want to hear these stories and discover the danger signs to avoid, plus what to look for in a great house cleaning service and how much you should pay… please go to HouseCleaningHorrors.com and read our free report.”

Now can you see how this might attract people who hate cleaning, are thinking about getting a cleaner, or might be wondering what their current cleaner is doing when they’re not around.

So now let’s look at how we can promote our new Lead Magnet.

22 Ways To Get More Leads

Once you have a Lead Magnet, you need to put it in front of people.

Here are 22 simple ways to do that and you can pick the most effective ones for your business.

And don’t worry that many of these cost money, because we’re going to make sure you get that money back in the following 3 steps.

Here’s a simple list if you’re ever struggling for ideas on promoting your business:

  1. 1
    Facebook Ads
  2. 2
    Google Ads
  3. 3
    Google Maps
  4. 4
    YouTube Ads
  5. 5
    LinkedIn Ads
  6. 6
    Twitter Ads
  7. 7
    TikTok Ads
  8. 8
    Promotional Email Partnerships
  9. 9
    Newspaper Ads
  10. 10
    Yellow Pages
  11. 11
    Direct Mail
  12. 12
    Radio Advertising
  13. 13
    TV Advertising
  14. 14
    Article Syndication
  15. 15
    Leverage Niche Specific Websites
  16. 16
    Influencer Marketing
  17. 17
    Search Engine Optimisation
  18. 18
    Produce Your Own Podcast
  19. 19
    Guest Podcasting
  20. 20
    Client Referral Program
  21. 21
    Promotional Partnerships
  22. 22
    Public Speaking

How many different ways do you get leads for your business? _____ / 22

Please keep score as you go, because at the end we’ll add them all together to reveal your Business Opportunity Score.

Your First Step

Figure out what you can give away for free to anyone who signs up with their email address.

Then make it available on your website or at your store so people sign up.

A good Lead Magnet will get a 40% conversion rate for everyone who sees it.

So imagine what a difference it would make to your revenue if you had 400 fresh leads for every 1,000 visitors to your website.

Step #2 - Convert More Clients

Leads get converted into clients using your sales process, and this is probably similar to how everyone else does it in your industry.

The most powerful way you can optimise your sales process is by creating an Invincible Offer.

This is simply an offer where the perceived value far exceeds the price, and will pay you to acquire new clients so your marketing essentially becomes free.

The easy way to think about this is how can you dramatically increase the value, decrease the price… or both to secure the first sale.

Converting Our House Cleaning Leads

Thanks to our advertising, we now have hundreds of people downloading our house cleaning Lead Magnet, so now we need to convert them into clients.

So let’s offer to do your first house clean for $10. 

Obviously a lot of people would jump on that offer because you get a great benefit (a clean house) for a very low risk (and price).

And of course, we are smart house cleaning company owners so we’ll be looking to make our money back in steps 3 and 4, which we’ll get to in a second.

10 Offer Intensifiers

When creating your own Invincible Offer, here are 10 ways to make it even better:

  1. 1
    Desired End Result Match
  2. 2
    Compelling Core Product
  3. 3
    Bundle Products
  4. 4
    Premiums & Bonuses
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
    Offer Terms
  8. 8
    Risk Reversal
  9. 9
  10. 10

How many Offer Intensifiers are you currently using to get the first sale? _____ / 10

7 Presentation Angles

How you present your offer is also important and rarely thought about.

For our cleaning company, our competitors probably just run ads that ask people to call them (number 5) or maybe book an appointment (number 6).

However with our $10 offer we could now present it using numbers 1 to 4 as well because everybody has different ways they prefer to buy.

Here are 7 proven ways to promote your Invincible Offer:

  1. 1
    Online Sales Letter
  2. 2
    Direct Mail
  3. 3
    Video Sales Letter
  4. 4
    Live Webinar
  5. 5
    Automated Webinar
  6. 6
    Virtual Meeting - Zoom, Skype, Phone
  7. 7
    In Person Meeting

How many Presentation Angles are you currently using to get the first sale? _____ / 7

10 Automated Follow Up Campaigns

Jim Rohn was very fond of saying “the fortune is in the follow up”.

That’s because most people don’t buy the first time they see an offer, and so the truly successful companies continue to market to their leads until they’re ready to purchase.

That means approaching your leads from multiple different angles until you find one that works.

Here are 10 automated email campaigns you can write once and have them run on autopilot forever:

  1. 1
    Welcome Campaign
  2. 2
    Initial Order Campaign
  3. 3
    Activation Campaign
  4. 4
    Abandoned Cart Campaign
  5. 5
    Ascension Campaign
  6. 6
    Segmentation Campaign
  7. 7
    Content Campaign
  8. 8
    Another Angle Campaign
  9. 9
    Buying Trigger Campaign
  10. 10
    Countdown Campaign

How many Automated Follow Up Campaigns are you currently running? _____ / 10

Your First Step

Using the Offer Intensifiers, create your first Invincible Offer (or improve your current one).

Then choose the Presentation Angle that you’re most comfortable with and has been proven to work in your industry.

Then create a Welcome Campaign that introduces you to your leads and tells them why you’re different, plus an Initial Order Campaign to promote your Invincible Offer.

Hint: You’re about to receive my 3 email Welcome Campaign, so it might be a good idea for you to read this carefully and model it for your business.

Step #3 - Increase Your Margin

Your margin is how much gross profit you make from each client and is a common place where businesses leave a lot of money on the table.

Increasing your margins can be as simple as raising your prices because you have confidence in your sales and marketing activities to continue to bring you clients. 

However you can also sell more at the moment of purchase with a multitude of clever strategies that add more value to your client’s experience.

Increasing Our Average Order Value

If we run our cleaning business by simply giving out $10 cleanings, we’re obviously going to be making a loss and this is never good for business.

So as part of our sales process, we’ve going to meet the client in their house for the first cleaning and find out what they want us to do. 

Then once the cleaning is over, we’re going to promote our regular cleaning services to turn them into a full paying client.

The obvious choice is to put them on a Subscription Program (number 8 below), but also to offer more related services like laundry or car cleaning etc.

9 Ways To Increase Average Order Value

The best way to increase your Average Order Value is to listen to your clients and help them solve more of their problems.

All of the following are available to all businesses if you’re clever about it.

Software as a Service (Saas) was created when software developers stopped charging a one time price and instead turned it into a subscription fee…

And I know of a pizza restaurant that uses every single one of these (including the subscription program), so if they can do it then so can you.

Here are 9 ways to increase your Average Order Value:

  1. 1
    Raise Prices
  2. 2
    Order Bump
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Cross Sell
  5. 5
  6. 6
    Similar Products
  7. 7
    Customers Also Bought
  8. 8
    3rd Party Referrals
  9. 9
    Subscription Program

How many ways do you increase your Average Order Value? _____ / 9

Your First Step

First, look at the last time you raised your prices and decide if it’s time to do it again.

Even if you don’t do it right away, once your Client Acquisition System is running you’ll have more business than you can handle… so raising your prices will become a necessity.

Next, clients are relying on you to guide them through the buying process and make sure they have the ideal solution for their needs.

So decide what other products or services you can sell that enhance or complement your current offering.

Step #4 - Increase Your Frequency Of Purchase

Your revenue is highly dependent on how often your clients purchase from you.

For example, moving a client from once per year to every quarter is a 4X revenue increase just like that.

This means making sure your clients are nurtured and you are constantly looking for new opportunities to add value to their lives.

The main thing is you have a plan for increasing the Frequency Of Purchase and are in constant communication with your clients to make sure you’re meeting their needs (including the ones they don’t know they have yet).

Plus your clients will be happier, easier to retain and buy more often when you have effective systems of regular communication set up as well.

Increasing Our Frequency Of Purchase

For our growing cleaning company, we might have clients that only want our services every 2 or 4 weeks. 

However it pays to keep checking with them to see if they want a 1 week (or more regular) cycle while we continue to show the benefits.

There might even be a midweek spot clean that can be offered.

And when we combine these with our other services and increase their frequency, things start to get very exciting.

11 Email Promotion Angles

As a client yourself, do you ever notice that the most common time you hear from the business is when there’s a sale on?

Or maybe they’re sending out their boring weekly newsletter you never read anyway.

Yet there are so many other ways you can plan into your Monthly Promotional Calendar:

  1. 1
    Holiday Promotions
  2. 2
    Special Event Promotions
  3. 3
    Topical News Promotions
  4. 4
    Content Promotions
  5. 5
    Sales Promotions
  6. 6
    Discount Promotions
  7. 7
    Exclusive Client Special Offers
  8. 8
    Limited Time Promotions
  9. 9
    Limited Number Promotions
  10. 10
    Volume Discounts
  11. 11
    Frequency Discounts

How many Email Promotions do you use to keep things fresh? _____ / 11

9 Personal Touches

Better yet, you will have a small number of clients who give you a disproportionate amount of your revenue, so how can you make their experience more personal?

These high value clients might not even need more encouragement to buy, but your personal touch will probably lead to it and also help to retain these key clients.

Here are 9 simple Personal Touches you could be using right now:

  1. 1
    Personalised Letters
  2. 2
    Phone Calls
  3. 3
    Text Messages
  4. 4
    Social Media Messages
  5. 5
  6. 6
    Helpful Advice
  7. 7
    “I saw this and thought of you” Notes
  8. 8
    Instore Private Events
  9. 9
    Customer Loyalty Program

How many Personal Touches have you built into your client care activities? _____ / 9

5 Current Client Promotions

You’ve probably heard that it’s a lot easier to retain a client than to get a new one, that’s because they already know, like and trust you.

Yet most businesses don’t put nearly enough (or any) effort into marketing to the people most likely to buy again.

That’s why your current clients are a gold mine and you should be constantly reminding them that you exist so they can come back and buy again or recommend you to their friends.

Here are 5 Current Client Promotions that are very low hanging fruit:

  1. 1
    Retarget/Remarket On The Same Platform
  2. 2
    Retarget/Remarket On A Different Platform
  3. 3
    Retarget/Remarket Customer Email List
  4. 4
    Direct Mail Promotions
  5. 5
    Phone Promotions

How many ways are you running Current Client Promotions right now? _____ / 5

Your First Step

The easiest way to get started is to plan out your Monthly Promotional Calendar with a few Email Promotion Angles.

Then do some research on your best clients and start to add some Personal Touches.

And finally, set up your Current Client Promotions to run on autopilot in the background.

Combine these promotions with your new ability to create Invincible Offers, and they’re sure to help you maximise profits.

Your Opportunity Score

Now I want you to total your scores for all the strategies above and enter them below:

Total Score: _____ 

Opportunity Score (83 - Total Score): _____ 

What Your Score Means

A high Opportunity Score is exciting because it means there are a lot of strategies that can be plugged into your business to increase your revenue.

In fact, just by implementing the 4 steps of the Client Acquisition System above, it’s going to be fairly easy to double your business.

But when you combine multiple strategies from each of the 4 steps, your business can really start to take off.

Plus, once your revenue starts to grow, there are even more things you can do on the  operations and finance side to ensure you can scale in a sustainable way as well.

What You Can Do Next

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