Call To Action

Increase Your Sales By Clearly Explaining What Visitors Should Do Next

The Final Step Before Your Sale

Your call to action (CTA) is one of the most powerful elements in your product descriptions. 

It’s simply asking your visitor to take the next step to make a purchase.

You could have your visitors engaged throughout your entire product description…

But if you don’t tell people what they should do next, then they often won’t do anything.

Step #1 - How To Write A Call To Action 

You want your CTAs to inform, motivate, and be clear.

So remember to meet these 3 criteria:

1. Define the action
2. Understand what will motivate
3. Be concise and clear as possible

Let’s take a look at each step.

Define The Action

You should always know what you want your visitors to do next: “Add To Cart”, “Buy Now” and this includes the CTA phrase.

Once you have defined the action, choose a verb (action word) for your call to action phrase. 

Understand What Will Motivate

To craft a compelling call to action, it's essential to understand the motivations of your target audience. 

Consider what drives them, what problems they seek to solve, or what desires they aim to fulfill.

- What do you know about your customers and their demographic?
- What questions or concerns do customers often have?
- How do your customers want to feel?

Be Concise And Clear As Possible

In the world of CTAs, simplicity is key. The message should be:

- Brief
- Direct
- Instantly comprehensible. 

Visitors should be able to grasp the intent of your call to action within a second.

Step #2 - The Best Call To Action

Expand your CTA beyond the standard “Buy Now” or “Add To Cart” buttons by incorporating a descriptive sentence to  enhance its effectiveness.

The best CTA spells out exactly what you want them to do and aligns with the specific benefits of your product.

When you connect the call to action with the unique selling points of your product, it enhances its appeal. 

This approach shares the value visitors will gain from taking the desired action, encouraging them to engage with your product more.

For Example

“Simply click the Add To Cart button above, then Checkout to start building more muscle at the gym with Plant-Based Protein Powder Of Doom.”

As a minimum you want to ask your visitor to click the Add To Cart button.

But with ecommerce and the high cart abandonment rate, I like to also remind them to Checkout to complete their purchase now.

Personally, I prefer to have visitors make one purchase now instead of loading up their cart.

Then they can experience the product and I’ve captured their contact information as well.

Step #3 - Where To Add Your Call To Action

The placement of your CTA’s is crucial for its engagement because you want to reduce friction in the buying process. 

Let’s look into how we can do that with your CTA placement.

Above The Fold (Button)

Position the primary CTA above the fold, meaning it should be visible without scrolling. This will capture your motivated visitors who are ready to make a purchase.

“Add To Cart” or “Buy Now”

End Of Product Descriptions (Sentence)

As visitors explore details about your product to absorb your product description, strategically place your CTA sentence that reinforce your benefits (at the end).

“Click the Add To Cart button above, then Checkout to enter your details and experience the amazing benefits of Product X for yourself.”

In Pop-Ups Or Overlays (Button + Sentence)

Utilize pop-ups or overlays triggered by specific actions, such as time spent on the page or scrolling behavior. 

Present a concise sentence and a compelling button in these pop ups, capturing attention and prompting immediate engagement without cluttering the main product page.

Don't Trip On The Last Hurdle

By giving visitors direct instructions of what to do next...

Combined with a vivid description of the results they'll experience when they do...

You take a huge final leap towards helping to convert the sale.

And with your Shopify store, every little bit helps to increase your revenue.

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