Aggravate Their Pain & Build Their Desire

Making A Sale Is About Coaching People To Change Their Behavior (Motivating Them To Eliminate Their Pain And Achieve Their Desires)

Emotional Connection Drives Action

People often make decisions based on emotions and desires.

Once you’ve identified the problem or desire for your audience, you need to really make them feel it on an emotional level.

If they don’t feel a burning need to solve their problem or achieve their desire, then they’re likely to think “that’s interesting” and move on.

Addressing emotional drivers on your store can become powerful for you, because you can influence your visitors' decision making.

The Truth About Pain

People will generally put up with a lot of pain before they decide to make a change.

It’s just easier to maintain the status quo and our psychology tends to be wired towards conserving energy by using the minimum amount of effort.

When you break down sales, it's really about helping people make a decision to change their behavior.

Whether it's trying a new plant-based substitute, a supplement, or going to a movie... they all require doing something different to their regular routine.

Most People Don’t Want To Change

Many people realize they’re overweight.

But the task of changing their eating habits even slightly to consume less calories or eat healthier foods is just too much for them.

So they continue down the same path until the pain gets too great that they must make a change.

Sometimes that’s looking at themselves in the mirror one day and deciding enough is enough…

And sometimes it’s a heart attack.

Hopefully your product is a little easier to get a result than changing major life habits (that’s a whole different training), but the point is you need to help people feel the pain.

Gaping Chest Wound

If you get a papercut, then you’re probably ignoring it and moving on with your life.

If you have a gaping chest wound, then you’re dropping everything else and heading to the hospital.

The question is, how do you create a “gaping chest wound” for your visitors that they must solve now?...

Step #1 - Paint Them A Picture

This is a good place to use your Before & After Grid (explained in Identify The Problem Or Desire) and talk to the other areas like Feel, Average Day or Status that you might not have mentioned yet.

For example:

Problem: “Embarrassed by your yellow teeth?”

Aggravate The Problem: “I used to feel mortified, like everyone was staring at my teeth and judging me for how dirty they looked.”

Now if someone already feels this way then they’ll be nodding along in agreement.

And if they don’t, maybe they’re now wondering if other people are staring at their teeth and judging them.

8 Reasons Why People Buy

1. Make money
2. Save money
3. Increase pleasure
4. Reduce (or eliminate) pain (both physical and emotional)
5. Improve health
6. Save time
7. Save effort
8. Increase social status

The more you fit into those reasons the easier it will be to market your product.

Step #2 - Future Pace The Desired Outcome

Both for pain, but also building the desire now, you can help people look into the future to see what life will be like when they have your product.

This often comes from the right hand side of the Before & After Grid using the After state.

And you can start the sentence with the word “imagine” to help them paint a picture in their mind as well.

Building Desire & Painting A Picture

Desire: “This is the perfect, one of a kind summer dress.”

Build The Desire: “Imagine walking into any special event and turning heads because of the aura you create.”

Again, you are painting a picture in the visitor's mind of what owning the product will be like.

In this case, we are increasing the visitor's Status in the eyes of friends and strangers. 

But you could also talk about Feelings like confidence or desire. There’s also a bit of Average Day built in there as going to these events might be a regular occurrence.

Step #3 - Handle With Care

It’s easy to get excited and try to turn your product description into a hard core sales pitch.

You don’t want to find yourself sounding like an infomercial.

Because even though an infomercial uses a proven selling formula that works time and time again, it can start to raise your reader’s defenses if used incorrectly.

So just make sure your message sounds authentic and natural without going over the top.

Benefits > Features

Instead of listing all your quality features on your product page.

Stick to emphasizing the benefits of your product. 

How can your product meet people's needs, solve their problems, or diminish their fear…

Through your product.

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