Abandoned Cart Sequence

Your Default Abandoned Cart Sequence Makes You Money On Lost Sales, But This Is How To Maximize Your Revenue From It Even Further

70.19% Of Shoppers Abandon Cart

That’s according to the Baymard Institute amalgamating 49 studies across the last few years.

That means for every 10,000 visitors who add a product to cart, 7,019 don’t complete the purchase.

So you’re losing a ton of revenue from people who wanted your product…

And most abandoned cart sequences follow a default template that isn’t very effective.

A Simple 3 Step Solution

The more automated emails you send, the more likely you’re going to recover the sale.

But you don’t want to come across like a broke salesperson saying “will you buy it yet?” over and over again.

So the “secret” is to create an effective automated sequence that approaches the potential customer from 3 different angles.

Which can be deployed over the period of about 2 weeks.

Email Sequence Structure

Here is an email structure we like to use, with the explanations of the 3 types of content below:

Email #1: Reminder + Benefits (Sent: 2 to 4 hours)
Email #2: Reminder + Benefits (24 hours)
Email #3: Value Building (Day 2)
Email #4: Value Building (Day 3)
Email #5: Discount Ladder (Day 5)
Email #6: Discount Ladder (Day 6)
Email #7: Value Building (Day 8)
Email #8: Value Building (Day 10)
Email #9: Discount Ladder (Day 12)
Email #10: Discount Ladder (Day 14) 

Email Angle #1 - Reminder + Benefits

These emails are your standard reminder emails that the person has left something in their cart.

To take this to the next level, you should include benefits of buying from your brand or the specific product they’ve ordered.

For example, you might talk about your brand values, shipping speed or highlight your guarantee.

The goal is to provide emotional and logical reasons to complete the purchase now.

Email Angle #2 - Value Building

This angle is about taking a step back from the “buy now” message and providing more value.

Maybe it’s written or video content on your brand or the specific product.

Maybe you invite people to a live webinar so they can learn more.

To get started, send out an email with a valuable piece of content and then follow up in the next email to encourage them to consume it (repeating the process in email #7 and #8).

Email Angle #3 - Discount Ladder

These emails will focus on offering a discount to try and push the potential customer over the edge.

Notice that they’re buried further back in the sequence to try and avoid going straight to a discount, however it’s an effective way to get people to take action.

It’s a “discount ladder” because in email #5 you offer your first discount and follow up in the next email (#6)

Then in email #9 you can offer an even bigger discount (and follow up with #10) since you’ve got nothing to lose at that point.

Getting The Best Results

Your abandoned cart sequence is one of the biggest Revenue Levers available for a Shopify store.

Plus if you use a tool like Klaviyo, you can see how much each specific email in the sequence makes you.

That gives you the ability to test and measure results so you can optimize your sequence by improving the weakest link.

If you’re only going to have one automated email sequence, then this would be the one to do.

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