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Our 3 Step Formula To Double Your Sales

Many years ago, Jay Abraham showed that there are only 3 ways to grow a business.

In a world of shiny new marketing tactics… this is a big relief!

So no matter how great a marketing idea sounds…

It won't grow your business unless it focuses on one (or more) of these areas.

The Only 3 Ways To Grow​
  1. Increase your number of customers

  2. Increase your average transaction size

  3. Increase your frequency of purchase

That’s all folks… so let’s take a look at how we do each one.

​1 - Increase Your Number Of Customers

Every business needs a profitable way of getting customers.

For example, the goal is to invest $1,000 on traffic and immediately make back $1,000 while acquiring new customers.

Since you broke even on your traffic investment... you got those new customers for free.

Once we've proven it's profitable, we can scale it up as desired.

​2 - Increase Your Average Transaction Size

​The best time to sell something is when your customer is already buying something else.

That means using upsells, cross-sells and other strategies to increase how much your customer buys.

You can do this with immediate offers and also using automated email follow up.

Meaning you can make more money from every sale.

​3 - Increase Your Frequency Of Purchase

There is a wealth of profit lying hidden in your email list because customers who bought once are likely to buy again.

Plus you probably have a lot of unconverted leads as well.

And so regular, targeted email promotions to your list combined with automated sequences can dramatically increase your sales.

The results below are fairly typical for email revenue… and it costs practically nothing to send.

So is 30-45% of your revenue coming from email marketing?

If not, then this is a quick way to increase your sales.

How ​To Double Your Business

Revenue = Number Of Customers x Average Transaction Size x Frequency Of Purchase

Let’s say a business is doing $1,000,000 in sales like this…

1,000 clients x $100 average transaction x 10 purchases a year

Most people would try to get 2,000 customers to double sales.

But It Actually Only Takes 26%...

If we increase each area by just 26%…

1,260 clients x $126 average transaction x 12.6 purchases a year = $2,000,376 in sales

Just with a little effort at each leverage point.

And the best part is, we can help you do it.

Want Us To Help?

Imagine what your business would look like if you implemented the 3 strategies above.

Even better, if you had our certified marketing team working directly with you to get results.

​In our Coaching ​& Consulting ​package we work with you and your team to implement our proven strategies for just $500 a week.

In our Full Service Implementation package you get a Strategist, Traffic Specialist, Sales Copywriter and Automation Expert all for just $1000 a week.

That's less than the salary of hiring just one full time marketer.

And you can find out more with a free Strategy Session.

This Is Not A Sales Pitch In Disguise

Please note that we can’t help everyone.

We can only work with established businesses that already have sales and are ready to scale.

That means your product or service is already selling and we can promote it to a lot more people.

Basically, we only work with businesses where we can have a dramatic impact.

​Here's What You Do Next

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Once we have your websites, we’ll do some research for you before we get on the call.

On the call, we’ll create a step-by-step Strategic Plan for growing your business.

And if you like what we have to say, then our team will get to work coaching or implementing it for you as well.

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